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Bangladesh is a South Asian country sharing land borders with India and Myanmar. With a population of over 163 million, it is the eighth most populous country in the world. The country has seen robust growth averaging 6.3% per year over the past decade. Its GDP per capita stands at $4,600 in PPP international dollars, making it a lower-middle income country.


Constellation is an emerging market finance group operating through Bangladesh connecting the global investor to the opportunities beyond developed market borders.


We provide information, access and transnational excellence through a pool of experienced, multi country/ culture/ economy exposed passionate investment professionals.


As a firm, we pride ourselves as a company deeply rooted; not only as an enabler to the global investors to diversify their portfolios, but also as pioneers, striving towards financial solutions, products and opportunities that remain within solving problems of infrastructure, power, technology, capital markets and other diversified industries of frontier markets like Bangladesh.




We advise companies on best routes to raise capital, plan financing, expand through buying and selling of businesses and manage risks for sustainability and growth


We build fund products for global investors according to their appetite for risk, expectation of return, objectives of diversification


We provide our clients transnational solutions in their aspired product classes



We arrange debt & equity capital for different corporate and financial institutions catering to their financing needs


We diversified projects from large size infrastructure funding to seed funding of startups

Investment Banking


Bringing together and negotiating between governments, nationalized utilities, international corporations, and global banks, our goal is to minimize uncertainty for our clients working on far-reaching infrastructure projects. We wear many hats, acting as investment bankers, providing project financing, and as infrastructure advisors for large-scale projects that affect millions of people.

Infra-Structure Funding & Advisory

Constellation provides Infrastructure Investment Bank, Finance, and Advisory services for projects in the Bangladesh.  These include:

  • Infrastructure Debt and Equity underwriting for all corporate types

  • Infrastructure Securities sales

  • Infrastructure Brokerage and advisory services for institutions and private investors

  • Infrastructure off-balance sheet debt structuring

Infra-Structure Project Financing

Constellation works with national, state, and local governments to provide infrastructure project financing capital. We also work with international corporations to finance large industrial and public service projects. 

  • Infrastructure non-recourse and limited recourse financial structuring

  • Infrastructure special purpose vehicle 

  • Export Credit Agency Financing

Infra-Structure Financial Advisory

Constellation provides infrastructure financial advisor service to multinational corporations, utilities, and governments. These services include Infrastructure strategic advice and financial restructuring for corporations, creditors, and investors

  • Infrastructure mezzanine debt, equity and placement services for sponsors and fund managers

  • Infrastructure M&A, joint ventures, divestitures, and sale transactions

List of Services

Our core services to clients include:

  • Feasibility studies, option appraisals and business cases to support investment decision making

  • Procurement and commercial advisory support on project structuring

  • Negotiation support and commercial strategy

  • Joint Ventures, Strategic Estate Partnerships and Local Asset Backed Vehicles

  • Secondary market sales and refinancing of projects

  • Market testing reviews of existing projects and achieving operational efficiency savings

  • Bid strategies, bid qualification and affordability/value for money assessments

  • Financial model build and data book preparation/validation

  • Funding competitions and Project Information Memoranda

  • Bid preparation including performance and payment mechanisms

  • Bid evaluation and selection of a preferred bidder

  • Grant due diligence and funding reviews

  • Accounting advice in relation to project structures

Infra Fundin Advisory



Our Financial Model Assurance Services team has market-leading expertise and experience in in supporting project finance, acquisition and secondary market transactions and financings across all sectors including renewables, infrastructure finance and public private partnerships (PPPs).


Our clients are typically funders, developers or investors bidding for, or seeking to finance, a project. We also act for those looking to acquire or sell interests in assets or infrastructure projects. Whether you are in either of these categories, or whether you require a model review or audit for a lender, institutional investor or credit agency, our services are tailored to provide you with the right degree of both assurance and reliance to support your financing, commercial and investment decisions.

Our core services include:


Model Audit and Review – A leading brand in the sector, internationally recognized and respected, our assurance service ensures your project or transaction meets funder/bid requirements and conditions precedent 

Model Development - Financial, operational or cost forecast models built to exacting standards to meet your needs

Equity Transaction Support - Expert support whether you’re buying, selling or valuing an infrastructure asset, or looking at ways to enhance the equity value of those assets


We have in depth experience in all sectors including: 


  • Transport infrastructure (roads, rail, trams, bridges, ports and airports)

  • Social infrastructure (schools, hospitals/health facilities, housing, defense and leisure)

  • Conventional energy (IPPs, IWPPs, CCGT)

  • Renewable energy (solar PV, biomass, waste-to-energy, onshore and offshore wind)

  • Petrochemicals (oil, gas, LNG)

  • Environmental (waste, water)

  • Regulatory reviews and regulated assets

We pride ourselves on adopting a pragmatic and flexible multi-layered approach to the audit of financial models, with a focus on risk and tailored to your needs. Our proven and comprehensive bottom-up ‘all cells’ testing is only part of an approach designed to evaluate the model’s structure, data flows and logic, and is allied with top-down analysis and testing focusing on key risk areas using a range of analytical procedures, including re-performance, proof in totals, trend analysis and sense checking.  We know from our experience that this comprehensive approach successfully means all relevant issues are identified, resolved or reported to the relevant parties. 

Financial Model
Asset Management



Constellation AMC is licensed under the Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission. The company holds both an AMC and an Alternative Investment Fund license awarded for private equity operations in Bangladesh.


Constellation AMC is constantly working towards designing fund products which are conducive to the needs of investors who possess diversified risk appetites. The AMC provides a broad spectrum of diversification products for fund managers.





Easy Diversification: Mutual funds are the easiest form to diversify your portfolio. A single Mutual fund contains hundreds of stocks—reducing the risk of loss for investors. It has the inbuilt nature where the investor is performing factor investing putting preference on macro/sectoral preferences.


Lower Transaction Cost: The transaction costs significantly reduce through a mutual fund. Accumulating single stocks are not only time consuming, but also incurs more cost in the course of constructing to a balanced portfolio. On the contrary mutual funds provide unitary diversification.


Active Fund Manager Expertise: It is the simple route to engage active fund managers to look after your investment. Most investors find it cumbersome to actively manage their portfolio. Experienced investment teams set the fund's strategies, research investments, make trades and monitor the fund's performance.



Close End Funds

Closed-end funds (“CEFs”) are actively managed mutual funds that trade on an exchange like a stock. CEFs can play an important role in a diversified portfolio providing the potential for income and capital appreciation.


          Type & Size of the Fund         Open-End Mutual fund and BDT 100.0 million

      Sponsor & Asset Manager         Constellation Asset Management Company

                 Trustee of the Fund         Investment Corporation of Bangladesh

            Custodian of the Fund         BRAC Bank Limited

                 Auditor of the Fund         Malek Siddiqui Wali Chartered Accountants 

                      Fund's Objective         Achieve superior risk adjusted return  and provide attractive return to its investors

              Dividend Distribution         Minimum 70% of realized income will be distributed as yearly dividend

Minimum Investment Amount         BDT 5,000/- per application for individuals, and BDT 50,000/- for institutions

                           Panel Brokers          BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage and United Financial Trading Corporation Limited

    Systematic Investment Plan         Small predetermined amount , like BDT 1000/2000/5000 or multiple of BDT 500/1000 

             Other Salient Benefits         Easy diversification, Low transaction cost, Special IPO quota, Active fund management

     FUND  DOCUMENTS                                               

1. Fund Prospectus 

2. Trust Deed

     FORMS  DOWNLOAD                                              


1. Purchase Form - Individual

2. Purchase Form - Institutional

3. Surrender / Repurchase Form

4. Transfer Form

5. Investor Onboarding Form

     NAV ARCHIVE                                                            

1. Historical NAV - Click to Download 

       NAV as on             NAV Per Unit             Investor's Buy Price             Investor's Sale Price       

16th November, 2023        BDT 9.86                  BDT 9.86                               BDT 9.86

Effective Date of Investor's Buy and Sale price of units will remain valid till 23rd November, 2023.





Proprietary research provided to Global Institutions.




Access to top brokers from BRAC EPL and United Fin. Trading Company Limited.


Group has the biggest private equity portfolio including historical transactions in Pathao, Chaldal, Socian, Digicon, CloudWell.




Lead to high yield fixed price instrument offers, i.e. preference share, privately placed corporate bonds.


Historical market portfolio returns about 50%.

Access to portfolio services.




Best rates drawn from most reputed banks and leasing companies at one stops.


Right time and right way to buy and sell asset, land, and apartments.




One stop shop on insurance products from top companies and Understanding your taxes.

Private Equity


Our services help our clients choose the right partner to fund their growth in a sustainable manner. Our clients will benefit from our expertise across the total Private Equity Lifecycle starting from identification and initiation which includes all due diligence and advisory to structuring and execution based on investor strategy. Our long-standing relationships with leading global and domestic investors help us bring a better understanding of promoter expectations while keeping in line with all regulatory and legal compliance.


We advise companies on a whole range of equity capital structures - from ordinary equity & hybrids to the most innovative structures including all due diligence, strategies for growth and different stage funding.


We arrange funds for our corporate clients via different channels like seed capital, Angel Investors, Venture Capital and Equity Capital.



Genetic Baro Bhuiyan, 12th Floor, House # CWN (A) 3A, Road # 49, Banani Kemal Ataturk, Gulshan # 2, Dhaka.
Phone - +88 01911 001001. Email -

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